Pros and Cons of the Britax Marathon G4

When you drive, your seat should be comfortable and support you all throughout your driving trip. A driver’s seat significantly affects how the driver handles the car. Likewise, all the other seats should also give maximum comfort to the passengers. Having road trips are more fun when you are seating in the car with no worries.
The Britax Marathon G4 is one of the most popular convertible car seats in the market. The convertible car seat has a dimension of 18.5” (weight) x 26” (height) X 21” (diameter). It weighs 19lbs and has a standing height of 49” and a seated shoulder height of 9”-16.75”. The seat is guaranteed to be ultra-safe. It is equipped with tons of features built on emphasizing comfort, style, and safety.
Britax Marathon G4


The Britax marathon g4 does not compromise comfort for style and neither does it ignore safety. Instead, it surprisingly balances out all of these factors that make it a superior product compared to most car seats in the market. Listed below are other benefits and advantages you can get when you buy this wonderful car seat:
Reduces impact during crash and prevents possible injuries resulting from it
The convertible car seat is equipped with SafeCell Technology that enables the seat to have a lower center of gravity and to counteract the forward motion of the seat. This prevents further injuries in the event of a car crash and keeps the child in place in case of an accident. The chair also has Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) chest pads that provide additional support and resistance against the sudden forward movement that can happen during a car crash.
A solid base support
The chair boasts of integrated steel bars which make the seat firmly attached to the car. The steel bars also give the chair extra weight to decrease the forward motion during accidents and crash.
Kid and infant friendly
The seat not only caters for adults but for babies and children too. It is equipped with infant positioning pillows which give proper harness support for babies. Its dual buckles also allow you to accommodate bigger children. The chair’s high-density foam provides added protection by adding extra layers of padding to the seat.
Dual direction recline
The product offers both rear and forward-facing recline. This set-up allows for maximum interaction with your child throughout the duration of your trip. It also allows for flexibility during your travels, giving you options for however you want to seat your child during the course of the trip.

The only downsides to the product are its bulky appearance and heavy weight. It is also hard to clean because its fabric is not washable. Given that the product is designed for kids, who are naturally messy, the issue of cleaning and maintenance should have been given some attention.
Overall Review
Overall, the Britax Marathon g4 manages to deliver what it is made for. It excels in style and at the same time, it never forgets that safety is a major concern for car drivers and passengers. It is a good product that is worth the price.

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